Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Welcome, my name is Karen Waters and I am a on-location lifestyle portrait photographer located in Mt. Olive, AL.  My photo sessions are mostly in natural settings.  Sometimes this happens at an old barn across from my house, or at a wild flower garden of a friend, or at a beautiful waterfall.  I love to take photos and every photo session will have a special and unique feel.  Forgoing forced smiles and poses; I embrace the natural smiles and expressions.  When you look at an image by Waters Photography through the years, I want you to remember the experience of a custom photographer and the personal attention to you and your needs.  I want you to cherish the beauty and quality of the images and the memories that will last a lifetime.

Tyler Senior Class of 2015

Tyler is one of those young men who knows what's important in life. He's planning on taking a year off after high school before he goes to college to preach the Gospel in NYC. Then he will attend the University of Alabama. I enjoyed getting to know him better. IMG_5107a3105 IMG_5120_3118 IMG_5152a3150 IMG_5162_3160 IMG_5178_3176 IMG_5187_3185 IMG_5202a3200 IMG_5212_2958 IMG_5216a2962 IMG_5224_2970 IMG_5226b2972 IMG_5268a3014 IMG_5280_3026 IMG_5310_3056 IMG_5322_3068

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Hunter is a senior at GHS and he is an all around outdoors man, he is on the baseball team, the fishing team, and the archery team for his high school. The baseball field we took some shots on was dedicated and named after his grandfather who died a year ago. IMG_4775_2817 IMG_4784_2826 IMG_4859a2901 IMG_4899_2941 IMG_4909_2481 IMG_4924_2496 IMG_4956_2528 IMG_4970_2542 IMG_4979_2551 IMG_5012a2584_edited-1 IMG_5024b2596 IMG_5058_2630 IMG_5073a2645 IMG_5088_2660

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kendall Senior Session

Kendall and I met up again to do a few more senior pictures. We had a great time at Turkey Creek and Sloss Furnace. IMG_4428_1886 IMG_4394_1852 IMG_4312_1770 IMG_4295_1753 IMG_4231_1689 IMG_4218_1676 IMG_4206_1664 IMG_4189_1647 IMG_4169_1627 IMG_4072_1530 IMG_4060_1518 IMG_4038_1496 IMG_4024_1482 IMG_3986b1444 IMG_3972a1430 IMG_3907_1365 IMG_3897_1355 IMG_3858a1319 IMG_3841_1302 IMG_3803_1264

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Riata and Mom and Dad

There are some families I feel a special connection to and this sweet family is one of them. I first had the privilege of taking family photos of Nathan, his mom and dad and brothers and sisters, then I took both of his sister's senior pictures, then I was honored to take 5 generations and newborn pictures of his sweet baby girl, Riata, and then a huge extended family session, and now I was honored again to take Riata's one year old pictures, and some sweet shots of mom and dad. IMG_3324_0402 IMG_3345_0423 IMG_3366_0445 IMG_3398a0476 IMG_3403_0481 IMG_3424_0502 IMG_3438_0516 IMG_3458_0052 IMG_3474_0068 IMG_3510_0104 IMG_3541_0135 IMG_3567_0161 IMG_3583a0177 IMG_3631b0225_ IMG_3639a0233 IMG_3648_0243 IMG_3664_0258 IMG_3727_0321 IMG_3743b0337

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