Saturday, November 22, 2014

Welcome, my name is Karen Waters and I am a on-location lifestyle portrait photographer located in Mt. Olive, AL.  My photo sessions are mostly in natural settings.  Sometimes this happens at an old barn across from my house, or at a wild flower garden of a friend, or at a beautiful waterfall.  I love to take photos and every photo session will have a special and unique feel.  Forgoing forced smiles and poses; I embrace the natural smiles and expressions.  When you look at an image by Waters Photography through the years, I want you to remember the experience of a custom photographer and the personal attention to you and your needs.  I want you to cherish the beauty and quality of the images and the memories that will last a lifetime.

Odoms Sneak Peek

There is never a dull moment when I get together with this sweet family. Jabe loved looking at my tree in the den, but it was mom who broke an ornament… I had to tell it Jenny…sorry. Of course at the end of the shoot I tossed some lights into the shop…on the concrete floor, needless to say they didn’t survive. Greg was good this time for a change, and Reagan was her sweet, sweet self. Fun times! IMG_0249_3708 IMG_0241_3700 IMG_0175_3634 IMG_0168_3627 IMG_0158_3617 IMG_0121b3580

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Kennedys

I love parents that teach their children manners. Mr. Payton was one of the most well-mannered children I have ever met. He came right up to me and introduced himself, shook my hand, and told me he was pleased to meet me. My heart melted. And then he had some killer jokes to share too. IMG_0001_3431 IMG_0040_3470 IMG_0059_3489 IMG_0085_3515 IMG_0096_3526 IMG_0122a3552

Monday, November 17, 2014

Kaylee and Kaleb

Brothers and sisters are so much fun. They were so well behaved, and seemed to really get into the photo shoot. I had a great time with these sweet siblings. IMG_0004_1923 IMG_0009_1928 IMG_0013_1932 IMG_0036_1955 IMG_0078_1997 IMG_0082_2001

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Phillips Family Sneak Peek

At the beginning of this family shoot, this little fellow was not a happy camper at all. But the promise of being able to throw rocks in the creek perked him up. Oh the simple joys of being a child. This little boy melted my heart. I loved walking around with him with his little hand in mine. IMG_0215_2281 IMG_0321_2387 IMG_0367a2433 IMG_0376_2442 IMG_0421_2487 IMG_0432a2498 IMG_0461b2527 IMG_0485_2551

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Laura Senior Portraits

Senior portraits and fall colors go together so well. I enjoyed meeting Laura,her mom, and dad at the Botanical Gardens for her senior shoot. The temperature was just right, the colors were amazing, and the subject was beautiful. IMG_0167b2233 IMG_0151_2217 IMG_0098_2164 IMG_0074_2140 IMG_0068_2134 IMG_0028_2100 IMG_0022a2094 IMG_0003_2076

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rouse Family

I have enjoyed taking this sweet little boy’s picture before he was even born. The first time I took his picture was at his mother’s maternity session, and I’ve enjoyed watching him grow so much. This time we meet at their beautiful home they just purchased. The setting was beautiful, open fields, winding roads, beautiful colors, a gorgeous family, a cute dog….who could ask for anything more. IMG_0023b2583 IMG_0037_2597 IMG_0049_2609 IMG_0124_2684 IMG_0189_2749 IMG_0257_2817 IMG_0303a2863

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Porrill Children

I always love getting together with these 3 beautiful children. I haven't seen them in a year, and they have gotten so tall. We had a blast telling corny jokes, looking for beautiful leaves, and killing spiders. IMG_1157_1903 IMG_0977_1727 IMG_0912_1662 IMG_0893a1643 IMG_0865_1615

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jesilyn and Jordan's Wedding Day

I first meet Jesilyn when she and my son, Cass, were in plays together for the Gardendale Arts Council, and then Jesilyn, Cass, and I finally all got to act together in "Fiddler on the Roof". She is such a sweet and talented young lady. I first met Jordan when they came to my house to discuss wedding day details, and I knew immediately they were a perfect match. The love between the two of them is so sweet, just like their beautiful wedding day at Mountain View Gardens and Ballroom in Springville. They were surrounded by family and friends on a beautiful, but windy and cold day. The wedding party and the bride and groom, never once complained about the blustery day. I'm still smiling from all the fun we had. IMG_0879_8371 IMG_0942b8434 IMG_0269_1019 IMG_0356_1106 IMG_1070_8562 IMG_1090_8582 IMG_1171_8663 IMG_1309_8801 IMG_1314_8805 IMG_1343_8835 IMG_1366_8858 IMG_1378_8870 IMG_1474a8966 IMG_1496_8988 IMG_1787_9279 IMG_1261_8159

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