Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome, my name is Karen Waters and I am a on-location lifestyle portrait photographer located in Mt. Olive, AL.  My photo sessions are mostly in natural settings.  Sometimes this happens at an old barn across from my house, or at a wild flower garden of a friend, or at a beautiful waterfall.  I love to take photos and every photo session will have a special and unique feel.  Forgoing forced smiles and poses; I embrace the natural smiles and expressions.  When you look at an image by Waters Photography through the years, I want you to remember the experience of a custom photographer and the personal attention to you and your needs.  I want you to cherish the beauty and quality of the images and the memories that will last a lifetime.

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Another hot Birmingham day, another gorgeous senior session, complete with lovely sun, a beautiful scooter we hijacked, lol, and a beautiful girl, both inside and out. I had a wonderful time with Brooke. We wandered around Morris Avenue and then headed back to the school for some softball pictures. Many blessings on your Senior year and beyond! GP6A2676 GP6A2699 GP6A2716b GP6A2746 GP6A2769 GP6A2773 <GP6A2811 GP6A2872 IMG_0009a IMG_0042 IMG_0063 IMG_0080 IMG_0088a IMG_0100 IMG_0109 IMG_0122 IMG_0133

Saturday, August 27, 2016


I love when my clients bring ideas to the table and have an idea of what they are looking for. Lillie brought some beautiful vintage suitcases for her shoot, and I had such a fun time working them into the shoot. She is a dancer and is so graceful, so the shoot just flew by. Senior girls are so much fun!! GP6A2471 GP6A2503a GP6A2533 GP6A2538 GP6A2587a GP6A2617 GP6A2641 GP6A2644 GP6A2658 IMG_0061 IMG_0067a IMG_0092 IMG_0103 IMG_0130b IMG_0150 IMG_0162 IMG_0175 IMG_0186 IMG_0205

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bellamy and Dakota

I had double the fun at this senior session. Bellamy and Dakota asked if they could do their senior session together. I’ve know Bellamy and her parents for a long time, and they are such a sweet family. It was pleasure meeting Dakota and once he found out he could catch Pokemon at the gardens he had a good time. GP6A1952 GP6A1958 GP6A1977 GP6A2015 GP6A2043 GP6A2060 GP6A2072 GP6A2090 GP6A2093 GP6A2128 GP6A2135 GP6A2154a GP6A2163b GP6A2174 GP6A2181 GP6A2188 GP6A2195 GP6A2208 GP6A2219 GP6A2222 GP6A2251 GP6A2269 GP6A2330 GP6A2332 GP6A2341 GP6A2346a GP6A2353 GP6A2387 GP6A2400 img src="" width="683" height="1024" alt="GP6A2405"> GP6A2427 GP6A2429 GP6A2440 GP6A2450 GP6A2453 IMG_0055 IMG_0081 IMG_0133

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