Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcome, my name is Karen Waters and I am a on-location lifestyle portrait photographer located in Mt. Olive, AL.  My photo sessions are mostly in natural settings.  Sometimes this happens at an old barn across from my house, or at a wild flower garden of a friend, or at a beautiful waterfall.  I love to take photos and every photo session will have a special and unique feel.  Forgoing forced smiles and poses; I embrace the natural smiles and expressions.  When you look at an image by Waters Photography through the years, I want you to remember the experience of a custom photographer and the personal attention to you and your needs.  I want you to cherish the beauty and quality of the images and the memories that will last a lifetime.

Mattie Grace

Every time I see this little girl, she has been the easiest baby to photography. She’s always so good natured. She didn’t smile at me a lot, but she never once got fussy. What a good baby. GP6A1628a GP6A1654b GP6A1673a GP6A1717a GP6A1778

Saturday, April 30, 2016


This sweet family is celebrating 5 years of marriage, and Miss Tynlee turning two. At first Miss Tynlee wasn’t in to having her picture made at all, but she finally settled down and then we had some fun. GP6A1239a GP6A1303b GP6A1307 GP6A1313a GP6A1360 GP6A1539 GP6A1551 GP6A1586 GP6A1605

Friday, April 22, 2016

Bates Family

I love when friends have me take their family pictures. It’s great seeing the families grow and being able to capture it for them, and this sweet family holds a special place in my heart. <GP6A0303 GP6A0326 GP6A0372 GP6A0477a GP6A0524 <GP6A0679b IMG_0105b

Monday, April 18, 2016

Josh and Alex

Josh is a former student of mine, and I was so excited when he asked me to take pictures as he proposed to his girlfriend. He led her to the most beautiful spot over looking the city. He had written her a letter, and he had her read the letter with her back to him. When she turned around he was on his knee and he popped the question, and she said yes!!! And then we had a great time doing a quick engagement session before they went and celebrated with their friends and family. IMG_0132b GP6A0269 GP6A0174a GP6A0162 GP6A0129 IMG_0142 IMG_0152b IMG_0174

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cadi Lynne

I was so excited to meet this sweet little girl. Her mom and dad have prayed for her for such a long time, and just last week they got the call they had waited on for years. They had been chosen to be the parents to this precious little girl. 1 Samuel 1:27 For this child I have prayed… IMG_9972a GP6A0059ab GP6A0063 GP6A0086a GP6A0124a <GP6A9947b GP6A9984 IMG_0003 IMG_9944a

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Crockett Family

How cute is this family? These kids are great, Abbey and Jenna were so well behaved. We had a lot of fun. We were also lucky to get beautiful day and beautiful light. Here are a few favorites from the session. Enjoy! GP6A9532a GP6A9556 GP6A9714b GP6A9742 GP6A9798 GP6A9939b IMG_0019

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Heidi and Liam

I always look forward to seeing this sweet family for so many reasons. One, the children are so adorable!!! Liam just cracks me up, I love to talk with him, and Heidi is just so cute. Another reason I love to see them, I always love to see the precious outfits their mother has picked out for them. I mean seriously, the dresses she finds for Heidi are so cute. And finally, I just love talking and spending time with Jessica. She is such a good mom, so laid back, and you can really tell how much she loves being a mom to these two sweet babies. Oh and Drew, it was good seeing you too!!! GP6A8958 GP6A8982 GP6A9016 GP6A9062 GP6A9118 GP6A9189b GP6A9272 GP6A9382 GP6A9456

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