Thursday, May 26, 2016

Welcome, my name is Karen Waters and I am a on-location lifestyle portrait photographer located in Mt. Olive, AL.  My photo sessions are mostly in natural settings.  Sometimes this happens at an old barn across from my house, or at a wild flower garden of a friend, or at a beautiful waterfall.  I love to take photos and every photo session will have a special and unique feel.  Forgoing forced smiles and poses; I embrace the natural smiles and expressions.  When you look at an image by Waters Photography through the years, I want you to remember the experience of a custom photographer and the personal attention to you and your needs.  I want you to cherish the beauty and quality of the images and the memories that will last a lifetime.

Caitlyn and Jacob

Caitlyn and Jacob are such a cute couple. Their session was perfect summer day and can I just say they are the best "dippers" ever!! I mean seriously they look like someone on Dancing With the Stars. Their form was perfect!!! Caitlyn and Jacob are so cute together which really comes through in the images. I can’t wait for their wedding day, I know it will be loads of fun. GP6A4130b GP6A4176a GP6A4284 GP6A4300 GP6A4320 IMG_0124a IMG_0148 IMG_0214

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Amy and Dave

This sweet outdoor wedding was one of those that had your in tears one minute and belly laughing the next minute. Dave and Amy had a small intimate backyard wedding that was just absolutely perfect in every way. GP6A2925 GP6A3710 IMG_0026 GP6A2944a GP6A3005a GP6A3107a GP6A3128b GP6A3253 GP6A3381 GP6A3452b GP6A3556a GP6A3600 GP6A3614a GP6A3771b GP6A3778 GP6A3801 GP6A3857 IMG_0591a IMG_0787c IMG_0820 IMG_0825

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Stewarts and Mosleys

I always love seeing Jessica, Drew, Liam, and Heidi, and this time they brought their families too. We had so much fun. GP6A2005a GP6A2045b GP6A2051 GP6A2063b GP6A2104a GP6A2113 GP6A2185a GP6A2198 GP6A2296 GP6A2375

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mattie Grace

Every time I see this little girl, she has been the easiest baby to photography. She’s always so good natured. She didn’t smile at me a lot, but she never once got fussy. What a good baby. GP6A1628a GP6A1654b GP6A1673a GP6A1717a GP6A1778

Saturday, April 30, 2016


This sweet family is celebrating 5 years of marriage, and Miss Tynlee turning two. At first Miss Tynlee wasn’t in to having her picture made at all, but she finally settled down and then we had some fun. GP6A1239a GP6A1303b GP6A1307 GP6A1313a GP6A1360 GP6A1539 GP6A1551 GP6A1586 GP6A1605

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