Monday, April 15, 2013

Kristin and Justin

I love both of my jobs so much, I'm a teacher by day and photographer by night, lol. And it's awesome when these two jobs collide as they did this weekend. Justin and Kristin are both former 4th grade students of mine. I actually taught Justin and both of his brothers, Kristin and her sister, and Kristin's two cousins who were all a part of the wedding party. What an honor to be asked to document their special day. I'd give the entire day from getting ready to leaving the reception an A+. IMG_0183_7760 IMG_0049_7626 IMG_0167_7744 IMG_0173a_7750 IMG_0370a_7947 IMG_0382_7959 IMG_0395_7972 IMG_0424_8001 IMG_0446_8023 IMG_0463_8040 IMG_0478_8055 IMG_0561_8136 IMG_0608_8185 IMG_0779_8356 IMG_1156_8731 IMG_4751_7574

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