Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Callie, Maci, and Miley Take 2

It was time for Miley's six months photos and big sisters Callie and Maci tagged along. I'm so glad they did! We went to the beautiful Reid Brake House in Warrior. It is such a beautiful old home and we had the best time. Thank you so much to the owners for letting us use your house. IMG_0147_8049 IMG_0152_8054 IMG_0168_8070 IMG_0182_8085 IMG_0194a_8097 IMG_0209a_8107 IMG_0216_8114 IMG_0219_8117 IMG_0264b_8160 IMG_0286a_8182 IMG_0310b_8206 IMG_0319_8215 IMG_0330a_8226 IMG_0341c_8237 IMG_0344c_8240 IMG_0358_8254 IMG_0364_8260 IMG_0410_8306

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