Saturday, September 28, 2013

Piper's One Year Photoshoot

This sweet little girl is very special to Jeff and me. We've known her parents for years, and I was honored to photograph their wedding Her parents are such wonderful, Godly people and we are honored to call them friends. She is such a beautiful, little girl, and I love to take her picture. IMG_0708_9942 IMG_0691a_9926 IMG_0653b_9889 IMG_0554a_9791 IMG_0534_9771 IMG_0518b_9755 IMG_0503_9740 IMG_0482_9719 IMG_0457_9694 IMG_0439_9676 IMG_0059_8411 IMG_0048_8400 IMG_0018_8370 IMG_0003_8355

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