Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Josh and Candy

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you…." This verse is one of my favorites and it describes the wedding day of Josh and Candy perfectly. Candy survived three life threatening illnesses, leukemia, Disseminated Candidiasis, most people who get this only live a week, and pancreatitis. God truly has plans for this sweet young lady. The moment I meet Candy and Josh I fell in love with them both and could hardly wait for their wedding day. It was one of the sweetest ceremonies ever. Everyone there knew Candy's incredible story and knew what a blessing this day was. Jeff and I were so honored to be a small part of their day. IMG_0141_5473a-1 IMG_0192_5524_edited-1 IMG_0789_6121 IMG_1476_6807c IMG_1451_6782b IMG_1446_6780b IMG_0604_5936 IMG_0580_5912 IMG_0550_5882 IMG_0545_5877 IMG_0534_5866 IMG_0504_5836a1 IMG_0441_5772a1 IMG_0382_5714 IMG_0300_5632 IMG_0181_5513 IMG_0473_4691 IMG_1542_6874a

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