Sunday, July 27, 2014

Riata and Mom and Dad

There are some families I feel a special connection to and this sweet family is one of them. I first had the privilege of taking family photos of Nathan, his mom and dad and brothers and sisters, then I took both of his sister's senior pictures, then I was honored to take 5 generations and newborn pictures of his sweet baby girl, Riata, and then a huge extended family session, and now I was honored again to take Riata's one year old pictures, and some sweet shots of mom and dad. IMG_3324_0402 IMG_3345_0423 IMG_3366_0445 IMG_3398a0476 IMG_3403_0481 IMG_3424_0502 IMG_3438_0516 IMG_3458_0052 IMG_3474_0068 IMG_3510_0104 IMG_3541_0135 IMG_3567_0161 IMG_3583a0177 IMG_3631b0225_ IMG_3639a0233 IMG_3648_0243 IMG_3664_0258 IMG_3727_0321 IMG_3743b0337

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