Friday, September 19, 2014

Jake and Samantha

I have known Jake since the day he was born. Jake lived right across the road from us when he was growing up, and his dad is still our neighbor. My oldest son and Jake were best buddies growing up, even after Jake gave C.J. his first black eye!!! C.J. was one of his groomsmen. So I was extremely honored when Jake and Samantha asked me to be their photographer for their special day. It was a picture perfect day at Rosewood in Pinson for their wedding. I haven’t know Samantha long, but you can tell Jake is head over heels for her, and they make each other happy. I wish them both a lifetime of happiness. IMG_0084_1706 copy IMG_0086_1708 IMG_0566_2188 IMG_6855b0639 IMG_6888_0672 IMG_6962_0746 IMG_7032_0816 IMG_7045_0829 IMG_7171_0955 IMG_7227_1011 IMG_7308_1094 IMG_7451a1235 IMG_8081a0236

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