Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Griffin Family

I have never worked so hard for a smile in my entire life. Mr. Liam was not in the mood to have his picture taken at all, but on the other hand his older sister, Bella, was all about it. I had so much fun with these two beautiful children and their parents. IMG_0189_5370 IMG_0875a4771 IMG_0892_4788 IMG_0898_4794 IMG_0915_4811 IMG_0925_4821 IMG_0938_4834 IMG_0959_4855 IMG_0962a4858 IMG_0965a4861 IMG_0965a4861 IMG_1017_4913 IMG_1032a4928 IMG_1044_4940 IMG_1051_4947 IMG_1158a5052 IMG_1260_5154 IMG_1277_5171 IMG_1304a5198 IMG_1314_5208

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