Monday, July 13, 2015

Caroline Senior Shoot

I left this senior session feeling so blessed. I have known Jennifer and her family for years and years. So just seeing Jennifer and her sweet youngest daughter, Caroline made me happy, but to be able to take Caroline’s senior pictures made it the perfect day, even if the weather didn’t cooperate. We started the day out at Sloss Furnace, running from rain, thunder, and lightning. Then we headed back to Gardendale where the sun was shining. Left the session sweaty, dirty, tired, but feeling so blessed. IMG_0098_2365 IMG_0176a2443 IMG_0183_2450 IMG_0210_2477 IMG_0248_2515 IMG_0274_2541 IMG_0376a2124 IMG_0389_2137 IMG_0423_2171 IMG_0425b2173 IMG_0459_2207 IMG_0510_2258

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