Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tommy and Magan

Jeff and I are always so honored to be asked to take photos at a friend’s wedding. Magan and her family are so special to us. Magan is a fellow teacher and she actually did her student teaching in my classroom. She loves her bling, and so I knew her wedding would have some!!! Her bouquet was beautiful, with just the right touch of bling. The day was filled with sweet little surprises, an old antique truck stopped for us to do a few photos with, Tommy doing a selfie as they walked out as husband and wife, the preacher pulling out his cell phone to video the first kiss, Jeff having to take his knife to the wedding dress, and Magan and Tommy thought they would be leaving in a white limo, but instead it was a hot rod school bus. Such a fun day!!! IMG_0214 GP6A3433 GP6A3477 GP6A3497 GP6A3520 GP6A3625 GP6A3810 GP6A3851a GP6A3868 GP6A3874a GP6A3913 GP6A3917b GP6A4055b GP6A4281 GP6A4320a GP6A4483 GP6A4501 GP6A4513 IMG_0031b GP6A4879

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