Saturday, August 20, 2016


Here lately it seems like every time I have a photo shoot we end up running from the rain. That’s what happened this time too, but luckily it just sprinkled on us a little. This session was so fun and so easy! Before I knew it, two hours and a ton of photos had flown by. Rebekah was a dream to work with. She was such a natural in front of the camera, making every shot unique and her own. Isn’t she just gorgeous?? GP6A1219 GP6A1229b GP6A1255 GP6A1268 GP6A1295a GP6A1300 GP6A1304 GP6A1314 GP6A1324 GP6A1340 GP6A1359b GP6A1396 GP6A1407 GP6A1442 GP6A1531 GP6A1537 IMG_0020 IMG_0027 IMG_0032

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