Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Chance and family

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this sweet family for several years now. I had a blast on their wedding day, and I’ve enjoyed watching Cooper grow and take his pictures for several years now. I was so excited to meet the newest addition to their family. Photographing a newborn is one thing {they eat a lot, poop and pee a lot} and then when you add in siblings there is even more love to go around. Mr. Chance was one of the easiest newborn shoots ever. He slept and let me pose him the entire time. It is always a joy to photography these guys—can’t wait to see you all again soon. IMG_0121a IMG_0159b IMG_0152 IMG_0146a IMG_0103 IMG_0133c IMG_0101a IMG_0089 IMG_0077 IMG_0058 IMG_0031a IMG_0019a GP6A3455b GP6A3449 GP6A3447b GP6A3440 GP6A3435a GP6A3374 GP6A3347a GP6A3327a GP6A3320

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