Thursday, May 4, 2017

Elizabeth and Caleb

Elizabeth and Caleb were married in a beautiful outdoor wedding at Rosewood in Pinson. Elizabeth’s dress was absolutely stunning on her and when Caleb saw her for the first time he couldn’t stop smiling. They are such a sweet couple, they laughed and smiled all day long. I pray your lives are richly blessed by God and that your marriage will be a place of smiles and laughter just like your wedding day. GP6A7697a IMG_0132 IMG_0083 IMG_0039a IMG_0029 IMG_0002 GP6A7943a IMG_0110a IMG_0025 IMG_0011 IMG_0550a IMG_0456 IMG_0434 IMG_0414 IMG_0401a IMG_0374 IMG_0360 GP6A7447 GP6A7424 GP6A7411a GP6A7366 IMG_0198 IMG_0185 IMG_0141a GP6A7204 GP6A7177 GP6A7172 GP6A7161b GP6A7124a GP6A7588a IMG_0594a IMG_0608 IMG_0996b IMG_0889b IMG_0706a IMG_0640 IMG_0630 GP6A8420a GP6A7842 GP6A7787b GP6A7648 GP6A7641 GP6A7611a IMG_0862 IMG_0836 IMG_0766 IMG_0746 IMG_0741 IMG_0716 GP6A8135a GP6A8193 GP6A8170 GP6A8201 IMG_1298 GP6A8212a GP6A8242 GP6A8228 IMG_1612 GP6A8438 IMG_1723a IMG_1769a

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mackyton said...

Oh my goodness, Elizabeth and Caleb make a stunning couple together. Their wedding photos were just amazing to see. I had great time exploring their ceremony through these pictures. Hey, I am trying to find some affordable Los Angeles wedding venues. Could you help regarding it?

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