Thursday, June 1, 2017

Marc and Anna

What a blessing it was to be a part of my nephew, Marc, and Anna’s wedding day. Marc and Anna, better known as Sumo and Catfish, by my husband, had the most beautiful day for their wedding, even if it was a little humid. They were married at Southwind in Shannon, Mississippi. Anna had planned this wedding for over a year and all the details were just beautiful. The day was filled with the sweetest moments all day long. This wedding just made me happy. IMG_1113b IMG_1246 IMG_1227 IMG_0264 IMG_0243 IMG_0214 GP6A9911a IMG_0413 IMG_0424 IMG_0276 GP6A9494 GP6A9475 GP6A9411 GP6A9391 GP6A9395 IMG_0553 IMG_0957 IMG_0940 IMG_0932 IMG_0752 IMG_0751 GP6A0028a IMG_0606 IMG_0623 IMG_0627a IMG_1912 IMG_1863a IMG_1858a IMG_1079 IMG_1075 IMG_1060 IMG_0738a GP6A9966 GP6A9680b GP6A9644a GP6A9610c GP6A9603 GP6A9564 GP6A0018 GP6A0015 GP6A0010a GP6A0054 GP6A9306 GP6A9759 IMG_0769 IMG_0887 IMG_0893 IMG_0857 IMG_0912 IMG_0925 IMG_1141 IMG_1168 IMG_1461a GP6A0298 IMG_1491 GP6A0332 IMG_1978 IMG_2124 IMG_2253

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slx2 said...

Karen you do so well at capturing those sweet moments! I would never recognized Marc. I am sure they appreciate all you did to make their day one to remember.

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