Monday, September 11, 2017

Chris and Sarah

Sarah contacted me about doing engagement pictures several months ago, but it turned out to be after the wedding pictures, because they decided to have a small intimate wedding before the shoot!!! We had such a good time, and I love that they had a prop they wanted to use, their plane!!!!! One of the most fun shoots ever!!! GP6A9698a GP6A9553 GP6A9558a GP6A9588a GP6A9608 GP6A9660a GP6A9695 GP6A9708b IMG_0074 IMG_0118 IMG_0162a IMG_0210 IMG_0225b IMG_0258 IMG_0272 IMG_0280a IMG_0364 IMG_0397 GP6A9728a

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KAREN said...

Just beautiful. The lighting is great!

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