Thursday, April 13, 2017

Caitlyn and Jacob

I knew from the moment I met Caitlyn and Jacob’s at their engagement session that their wedding day would be so much fun, and I was so right. It was such a joyful event, that I couldn’t help but smile all day long. Caitlyn and Jacob were the same way, every time I looked at them, they were smiling with joy. Caitlyn was one of those brides that just beamed with happiness, and Jacob is madly in love with her. We had so much fun with the two of them, and their sweet families and friends, we had trouble stopping. IMG_0717 IMG_0048 IMG_0071 IMG_0073 IMG_1056 IMG_0118 IMG_0137a IMG_0146 IMG_0220 GP6A1921a GP6A1891 GP6A1882 GP6A1864 GP6A2046 GP6A2007 GP6A1998 GP6A1980a GP6A2100 GP6A2113 GP6A2144 GP6A2185 GP6A2198 GP6A2207a GP6A2217 GP6A2224 GP6A2237 GP6A2274 GP6A2281 GP6A2359 GP6A2375a GP6A2505 GP6A2605 GP6A2646 GP6A2685 IMG_0579a IMG_0617 IMG_0640b IMG_0677 IMG_0757 IMG_0769a IMG_1050 GP6A2888 GP6A2860 GP6A2913 GP6A2965 GP6A3132a GP6A3657 GP6A3718a IMG_1212 IMG_1313 IMG_1919a IMG_1999a

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