Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Shelby and Tyler

Shelby and Tyler are truly a dynamic duo, they are two of the friendliest and sweetest people we’ve had a chance to get to know and photograph so far. They were married at the Blount Springs Chapel and we had a picture perfect day. They did a first look, which we love to do, and it was one of the sweetest ones ever!! The joy and emotions of Shelby and Tyler and their sweet family and friends will stand out in our memories forever. Shelby and Tyler thank you so very much for letting us into your lives and allowing us to capture your wedding day. IMG_0760b GP6A3932 GP6A3947 GP6A3983 GP6A4002 GP6A4008 GP6A4076 GP6A4149 IMG_0062 IMG_0077 GP6A4157 GP6A4163 GP6A4172b GP6A4211 GP6A4224 GP6A4232 GP6A4242a GP6A4248 GP6A4278 GP6A4282 GP6A4296 GP6A4332 GP6A4336 GP6A4387 GP6A4396 GP6A4404 GP6A4416 GP6A4436 GP6A4521 GP6A4579c GP6A4642 GP6A4888 GP6A4895 GP6A4930 IMG_0443 IMG_0514b IMG_0519 IMG_0530a IMG_0579 IMG_0595 IMG_0673 IMG_0689 IMG_0780 IMG_0868a GP6A4742b GP6A4753 GP6A4795 IMG_0962 IMG_0965 GP6A5170 GP6A5210a GP6A5227 GP6A5320 GP6A5456 GP6A5457

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