Saturday, July 23, 2016


What a fun afternoon I had with Abby doing her senior pictures. She brought her mom, dad, and one of her sisters. They were all so much fun, and I felt like I had my own team to help me. And she was up for anything, even dodging traffic in downtown Birmingham! She has the sweetest personality, and the most beautiful smile!!! GP6A8949 <GP6A8951 GP6A8963 GP6A8996 GP6A9006 GP6A9019a GP6A9027 GP6A9048 GP6A9057 GP6A9068 GP6A9080 GP6A9101 GP6A9104 GP6A9111 GP6A9120b GP6A9143 GP6A9211 GP6A9278 GP6A9287a GP6A9292 GP6A9306a GP6A9313 IMG_0060a IMG_0068

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