Tuesday, July 19, 2016


The first time we had planned to meet for Madisyn’s senior shoot, it got rained out. So on the day we reschedule it started out nice, it was cloudy and looked like it might rain. It held off on us until we got to Railroad Park, and then the bottom fell out!!! We waited for the rain to pass and then we got some beautiful shots. The rain didn't bother us too much, and we got a shot with a beautiful rainbow. GP6A8487 <GP6A8498 GP6A8516a GP6A8529b GP6A8567b GP6A8571a GP6A8641a GP6A8659 GP6A8663a GP6A8676b GP6A8692a GP6A8701 GP6A8706a GP6A8715 GP6A8732a IMG_0164b IMG_0171 IMG_0193 IMG_0247

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