Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ryann and Jude

Ryann and I had so much fun at the beautiful Alabama Theater. When we got there her mom said, “I will wait on you here, go have fun with Mrs. Karen.” And we had a blast!!! She came up with several of her own poses, and she loved getting on the stage!!! After Ryann and I had our fun we headed over to Morris Avenue where I continued the fun with little brother, Jude. GP6A8163 GP6A8165 IMG_8170b IMG_8198b IMG_8212 IMG_8221 IMG_8289 IMG_8314 <IMG_8349 IMG_8354a IMG_8381 IMG_8431 IMG_8436a IMG_8478 GP6A8221 GP6A8245 GP6A8254 GP6A8268a GP6A8295

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